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from Shime Board

Hadaka Jime Ichi

(Naked strangle 1)
  1. With your right hand cupped, slap uke’s left ear, rupturing ear drum.
  2. Maintain contact with the side of uke’s head and push uke’s head down with your fingertips, guiding uke’s head into your left arm pit as your left arm comes up and encircles uke’s head.
  3. Use your left hand and forearm to drive uke’s face to the side, turning uke’s head to increase the torque on uke’s neck.
  4. With your right hand, reach up underneath uke’s head and grab your left hand to complete the lock. You can step back slightly with your right foot and thrust hips slightly forward to maintain balance and increase pressure as you yank up with both arms hard.
  5. (For training, move slowly to avoid injury, including the ear slap.)