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Prof Sherhorn/BreconCutler  1st degree Kukyu




Prof Nolte, Wesly Ward Gokyu, Prof Shehorn

Prof Shehorn/Matthew Blumhardt Gokyu




Prof Shehorn/Jack Peterson Kukyu

Prof Shehorn/Witson Blumhardt Hachikyu





Prof Shehorn/Melia Philo Hachikyu

Prof DeGarmo/Melia Philo Hachikyu







Prof Shehorn Jane Jonhson Yonkyu

Prof DeGarmo Brecon Cutler

Prof Sherhorn Brecon Cutler







Prof Nolte Jonathan Taylor Sankyu Promotion 2019



Prof Nolte Chase Warren
Sankyu Promotion 2019

Prof Nolte Michael Beams
Nikyu Promotion 2019








Prof. Nolte/ Tyler Penkert Yonkyu Promomotion 2019

Prof. Nolte/Nathaniel Fichera Yonkyu promotion 2019





Prof. Nolte/Mariela Mendoza Yonkyu Promotion 2019

2019 Yonkyu Class

2019 Yonkyu Class Tyler,Mark,Johathan,Chase,Nathaniel,Mariela

Prof. Nolte/ Mark Christopherson Yonkyu Promotion 2019












Melia Philo





Summer 2015 Promotions

Cody Curtis – Jr Blue

Spring 2015 Promotions

Jane Johnson
3rd Orange

Robert Kendall
3rd Brown (Sankyu)

Tyler Penkert
3rd Orange

Mitch Stephens
2nd Brown (Nikyu)

Armand Gilbert
Shodan (1st Black)

Carmelo Rodriguez
3rd Yellow

Dakota Reyburn
1st Orange

Caleb Howell
1st Brown (Ikyu)

Ellie Lewis
1st Orange

Joey Calhoun
1st Blue

Hailey Coffee – 2nd Blue

Michael O’Brien
1st Blue


We are proud of Troy Shehorn who was promoted to the rank of Professor at the AJJF convention this year.  Well done!

He was also given the PROFESSOR RAY LAW AWARD.

Outstanding contribution to the youth of the AJJF.  This is a huge honor & we are very proud of Professor Troy and appreciate all his work with the young people.  Thank you.

Ohana Weekend 2014 Promotions

Robert McKean
Hachidan (8th Black)

Robbin Miller
Yodan (4th Black)

Brandon Johnson
Sandan (3rd Black)

Nancy Soares
Sandan (3rd Black)

Sue Heist
Nidan (2nd Black)

This last weekend was outstanding!   1 1/2 hour workout on Saturday followed by a great BBQ and social gathering.  Sunday was another 2 1/2 hour workout with 20 of us on the mat.
A big thanks to Prof. Shehorn for helping to teach on Saturday and to Sensei Ellis for helping to teach on Sunday.
A special thanks to Sensei Nicholas, and his crew, for brining the steaks to the BBQ.
The attached group photo is from the Sunday class.  Notice that 16 of the 20 participants are also KITW alumni.
This past weekend is what DZR is about – training hard and strengthening the bond with your ‘Ohana.
Take care and stay safe.


June 1-2, 2013
Livermore, CA

Professor Larry Nolte – Promoted to Hachidan (8th Degree Black)

This year’s gathering was to honor our Professor, Lary Nolte and to see him promoted to Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt).  

Few have obtained such a high rank so this is a true honor and accomplishment.

Professor Nolte was also inducted into the Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Hall of Fame!