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from Goshen Jitsu Board

Sannin Nage

(Three person throw)

1) Three Ukes in this art – one holds you in a bear hug from behind and one to either side holding your wrists – trying to keep your arms extended.

2) Pull in with one arm and side kick to Uke’s belly to free your arm – kiai.

3) Then pull in the other arm and perform a second side kick to free your other arm – kiai.

4) Then use your right arm to pin Uke’s elbow to your belly and drop to your right knee – throwing the last Uke as in Makikomi.

5) Step back and take a defensive stance.

Notes: Use Uke’s body movements to time your pull/side kick movements so that you can get them close enough to kick. It’s important to maintain your balance throughout the two kicks.