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from Shime Board

Ushiro Gatame

Avoid blow, apply double arm dislocator
  1. Uke throws a straight right punch at your head. Block with your left hand to the inside and grab back of Uke’s collar with right hand.
  2. Pull Uke towards you and around so his back is to your chest. Buck his hips out and fall down backwards.
  3. Use your feet to hook the back of Uke’s calves and kick them out and away from you, while using your hands at the back of Uke’s neck to push his head/neck away from you.
  4. Exit cleanly by laying your right leg flat on the floor – hook the back of Uke’ left leg with your left foot and kick/roll Uke to your right (onto his face). Use your right hand to pin him to the floor and kneel on his back with your left knee. Then move away.